For the first time ever, we are expanding our domestic efforts and hosting a humanitarian trip to California in the summer of 2021. We will be spending our time in and around San Francisco working with various partners. The trip will focus primarily on nutrition education, food poverty + hunger in America, sustainability + public health, and food systems with an emphasis of farm-to-fork. It will be lead by two incredible Registered Dietitian Team Leads & be documented by a professional photographer.


The State of California is the most populated state and the third largest state by area in the United States. Known as the Golden State, it earned its nickname not only for the gold ore found in the land, but also because it’s brilliant west coast sunsets. It has one of the most diverse landscapes from scenic beaches along the Pacific Coast, majestic Redwood Forests, colorful western deserts and the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. 


The Bay Area, where we will be spending much of our time, encompasses nine counties in the central west portion of California. There is not one dominant culture as it is an amalgam of many cultures. The Silicone Valley, in the southern part of the Bay area, is where many tech companies (such as Apple Inc, Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc) are headquartered. The tech companies have attracted many immigrant families who have added to the rich diverse culture of the area. A true melting pot, one needs only to travel a few miles from neighborhood to the next to experience a vast array of different lifestyles. 


The Bay Area is home to nearly 8 million people. Ethnically diverse, this area is nearly half Hispanic, Asian, African American and Pacific Islander. Although this area is home to some of the wealthiest people in the United States, it is also the home to some of the poorest. With one of the Nation’s largest wealth gaps, the top 10% the wealthiest make nearly 12 times the income of the lowest 10%. However, the disparities do not end there, the poorest 20% of the residents can expect to live about 14 years less than the richest 5%. And, one in every three California families experience food insecurity, meaning they struggle to provide food for themselves and those in their household. Additionally, low income families struggle to provide healthy food due to cost, transportation and lack of availability in their area. In recent years, many non-profit organizations have begun to address these disparities, but they need volunteers. Our organization seeks to partner with these organizations to help address these health and nutrition inequities.  


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Our humanitarian trips are focused on combating malnutrition through malnutrition assessments, nutrition education and women empowerment. However, each area we serve has different needs. Below are additional service projects that NEEM and our in-house partners focus on in this country:


Nutrition Education at Youth Center

Nutrition Education & Community Gardening for those with food insecurity

Community clean-up project

Mobile Farmer’s Markets

San Francisco Marin Food Bank






John Muir Wilderness Hiking

San Francisco Pier


Golden Gate Bridge 

Beach Fun and Picnic

Rosie the Riveter and WWII Homefront NHS

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