NEEM is a 501(c)3 organization that invites adults to join in the fight against malnutrition around the world.

NEEM was created by Marisa Christensen, a Registered Dietitian, and her husband Tanner Christensen, an Industrial Hygienist. The idea started with Marisa during her senior year of college while studying malnutrition. She understood, and research showed, that nutrition education is one of most effective and sustainable interventions for malnutrition. Marisa always had the dream of using her skills and knowledge to help others around her, and was now confident in the idea of starting a nonprofit that focused on nutrition education.


Together, Tanner and Marisa, combined their love for service with their knowledge of public health and created Nutrition Education Ending Malnutrition (NEEM). The end result is a program that allows participants to make a sustainable difference through malnutrition assessments and nutrition education, and experience the country and culture in an affordable way. Tanner and Marisa want their volunteers to not only interact with the local people, but to form real relationships and learn from all who they communicate with. Because of their values, they know the best way to get to know people is by listening, learning, and serving.

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