Interested in volunteering domestically or internationally? This year NEEM is hosting two domestic humanitarian trips and we would love to have you apply! Throughout the year, NEEM also volunteers at various locations within the US. Click HERE to learn more about the work they are doing and their current local partners. Each year, NEEM sends volunteers abroad to India and Indonesia, (however due to covid international trips will be postponed until 2022). During volunteer trips they assess for malnutrition, teach nutrition education, and implement women empowerment classes. Volunteers spend approximately two weeks in-country on international trips and one week in-state on domestic trips. NEEM participants must be 18 years or older to apply.


The following information may answer some of your basic questions about logistics, program cost, and safety in-country. For more detailed answers to frequent questions, please look over our FAQ’s Page.


We are happy to see you here! NEEM prides itself on having the best volunteers, and we think you could be one of them!


In 2021, NEEM will host two domestic humanitarian trips: New Orleans, Louisiana & San Francisco, California. Although NEEM participates in domestic work throughout each year, this will be the first year that NEEM hosts week-long domestic trips. Each trip will provide unique experiences.  Volunteers can apply for either or both trips.


The number of volunteers per trip varies, but approximately 15-25 people are chosen for each trip. Volunteers are chosen based strictly on their application.  NEEM is looking for individuals who have a positive and outgoing attitude, a lot of love in their hearts and, most importantly, a desire to serve and make a difference. You don’t have to have a background in nutrition to be chosen. In fact, NEEM strives to create a well-rounded group with varying interests and expertise. With the help of Registered Dietitians, NEEM teaches our volunteers all they need to know prior to arriving in the designated area.


New Orleans, Louisiana  MAY 15-22, 2021,  $600 (excluding transportation to/from service destination & food. We guarantee 100% refund for trip fees in the event we have to cancel due to covid.)


San Francisco, California  JUNE 12-19, 2021, $600 (excluding transportation to/from service destination & food. We guarantee 100% refund for trip fees in the event we have to cancel due to covid.)



The application for all 2 trips is available HERE  from February 1-28, 2021.



Within one week of being notified of acceptance half of the entire program cost must be paid. After that you will have approximately one month to pay the remaining half. If your financial situation requires a special request, please make sure you state it in your application.


Program Fee Includes:

  •       -Room & board
  •       -Ground transportation at service location
  •       -Guided tours/excursion costs
  •       -Trainings and project resources
  •       -Safety and security in-country (guard services where necessary)
  •       -NEEM t-shirt and other promotional materials
  •       -Project expenses
  •       -Airport pick up and drop off in-country/state

This list is not all-inclusive. The program cost covers a variety of costs necessary to maintain and build the entire program.


Your program fee does NOT include:

       -All meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

  •       -Flights & other transportation means to/from house to service location
  •       -Passport
  •       -Visa
  •       -Tourist souvenirs
  •       -Immunizations

If for any reason a volunteer decides to no longer attend their summer program, then half of the total program cost may be refundable according to the refund policy explained in NEEM’s paperwork.

Why is there a program cost?


NEEM is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, self-sustainable nonprofit organization. To accomplish the mission of NEEM, to combat malnutrition with sustainable development programs, we recruit and train volunteers to travel to underdeveloped countries. Although some outside funding and grants are used throughout the year to run the organization, the volunteer program fees are how the organization sustains itself.


Program costs may be paid out of pocket or through fundraising. Program fees go towards nutrition education materials, malnutrition assessment equipment, project costs, housing and food, volunteer support, volunteer trainings and handbooks, promotional items, excursion fees, etc. When you pay a program fee, you are facilitating impact around the world.  All that NEEM is able to accomplish is because of the support of the volunteers each year.

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