Due to covid & the unforeseeable future, NEEM will be postponing our international humanitarian trips until 2022. Instead, we are hosting two domestic humanitarian trips. We are very excited to serve our neighbors and focus on the needs here in America. The two trips details are as follow:


New Orleans, Louisiana from May 15-22, 2021

San Francisco, California from June 12-19, 2021


Price $600 excluding transportation to/from state & food. We guarantee 100% refund for trip fees in the event we have to cancel due to covid. 


Each trip will provide unique experiences. There will be one application where you will specify which trip(s) you are applying for. Volunteers can apply for just one or both trips using the same application. Please note, our online application system does not allow users to save and resume an application. Once you have started, be prepared to complete the entire application.


Click below to start the application process.


NEEM Domestic Summer 2021 Humanitarian Trips – Apply HERE

(Applications available February 1-28, 2021)


*Please note, within one week of being notified of acceptance half of the entire program cost must be paid. After that you will have approximately one month to pay the remaining half. If your financial situation requires a special request, please make sure you state it in your application. For more info on program and payment details click HERE.


Apply today to make a difference with NEEM!

We are so happy to see you here! Our volunteers are like-minded people from all around the globe who help us fight against malnutrition and empower others. Volunteers spend two-three weeks assessing for malnutrition and implementing sustainable development projects in community education and public health. If you have more questions about our programs, review our FAQs page. So many lifelong friends have been made through this community, and we cannot wait to continue to travel with all of you!



Research shows that nutrition education is one of the best interventions to help prevent and combat malnutrition. Education is key to success. Your time teaching nutrition education will be able to influence and enhance their perceptions. You will be making their lives (and those around them) better. You'll spend quality time playing with children and cooking with women, and create relationships that will last a life-time.


Every humanitarian trip NEEM goes on will be under the supervision of multiple Registered Dietitians. Often, there will be other medical professionals who have joined our team (ie. Physicians, Registered Nurses, Dentists, Psychologists). This experience is very beneficial for those interested in a career in the medical field, as well as making connections. This experience will also help you stand out on a job or grad school application, and boost up your resume.


Your unique personality and strengths are needed by both individuals we are serving and your teammates. We are volunteering in countries that may include, but are not limited to food poverty, lack of education, low socioeconomic status, and food deserts. You will be put out of your comfort zone. These are the moments that will shape you! You will also be put in situations where you are working closely with local people. You will be able to act as a source of happiness and education to them. Through this experience your eyes will be opened, and you will be able to recognize some of your strengths and weaknesses.


NEEM prides itself on using a sustainable approach as we volunteer in each country. Extensive research is done about each country (and cities) as we learn the best way to serve them. Before and during your volunteer trip you will learn about the history of the city, culture and social issues, educational systems, and common motivators, religions, and food practices. Volunteering takes places half the day, the other half is left to explore, learn about the culture, and travel on excursions.



Fill Out an Application


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Welcome to the Team!


Thank you for joining us on a NEEM trip! We love you & feel so lucky to have you a part of our NEEM family!


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