Want to help create lasting change by donating a few hours a week to help join the fight to end malnutrition? Check out the volunteer opportunities below (All inquires without a link attached should be sent to


NEEM’s humanitarian trips are led by a team of qualified Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs). For each trip there are approximately 2 RDNs. They are the ones who make NEEM what it is. They receive extensive training upon selection. Team leads work closely with team members to welcome them and prepare them for their in-country experience. In country, they act as a liaison between NEEM and our in-country partners. To become a team lead, international travel and leadership experience is required. Previous experience on a NEEM humanitarian trip prior to becoming a team lead is preferred, but not required. As a team lead, your program fee will be discounted or covered. This experience is great for all Registered Dietitians alike to network, and become professionals in this area of work.


In 2022 we need two superstar trip assistants to join us on two of our international trips (one trip assistant/trip):

India, May 15-28, 2022  $1500

Indonesia, July 24- August 6, 2022  $1700

In exchange for your help, we will provide you with $250 off the NEEM trip fees shown above in parenthesis. In this position you will work very closely with the two Registered Dietitian team leads. Requirements of a trip assistant include, but are not limited to:



  • -Attend info session
  • -Make sure all volunteers can download google sheets app and know how to use properly
  • -Ensure all volunteers have WhatsApp downloaded
  • -Ensure all volunteers have passports and visas for specific country and assist, if needed
  • -Obtain in-country partner thank you gifts and bring them to country
  • -Ensure all volunteers receive their T-shirts 
  • -Head up a fundraising project (1mi/5k/10k run, baking sell, etc) & encourage fundraising for volunteers
  • -Create list of fundraising ideas that volunteers can do to help pay for trip fees


During Trip

  • -Ensure volunteers have properly tracked and uploaded google sheet document daily
  • -Materials suitcase: Keep organized throughout the trip, ensure materials are where they need to be with each group each day, and reorganize at the end of the day
  • -Ask RDs and photographer if they need any assistance throughout the trip.
  • -Daily Pow Wow note taking
  • -Take notes throughout trip on things RD think needed to be changed, improved, etc.
  • -At end of trip, ensure that volunteers fill out the post trip survey 
  • -Help RDs get meals ordered and ready for volunteers
  • -Help all stay on schedule 
  • -Help RDs get room assignments situated and completed so people know where they are going
  • -Assist RDs in writing if they are doing the one-on-one education 


Post Trip

  • -Assist RDs in data collection and editing google sheets with malnutrition data and make sure all info is downloaded. Create tables/graphs
  • -Assist RDs in updating documents to reflect changes needed to be made from experience and editing nutrition education for next year
  • -Assist RDs in combining and cleaning up all the notes that were taken so they are easy to read and ready for next years RDs.


Please fill out this form here if you are interested.


We are looking for a communicator who can use his/her passion for media to help with outreach to publications and social media influencers to spread awareness about NEEM. This person would also craft blog posts for the NEEM blog and assist with social media.  Internship duration is flexible.


Love hanging on Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest? We need an experienced individual to help us build a community on our social media platforms. Send a note telling us how you would help grow the NEEM community.


We are looking for creative, enthusiastic individuals interested in getting involved in building incredible outreach and fundraising campaigns. If you are looking to give back by lending your skills and expertise a few hours per week, this volunteer position is an amazing way to start.


We’re looking for a volunteer to create awesome and inspirational graphics for our fundraising campaigns. Send us a note explaining why you are the creative genius for the job and attach some samples of design projects you’ve done in the past.


Pictures and video are where it’s at today. In order to tell your story and to get your message out you need to be able to show people your mission and how they can get involved.  We are in search of an amazing individual with crazy good photo, video and editing skills.  Opportunity to travel to NEEM’s volunteer locations to cover the current project is available.  Please fill out this form here if you are interested. 

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